Final Whistle for
Payment Slips

Gilbert Gress, Former Football Coach

Gilbert Gress,
Former Football Coach

Payment slips will become invalid on October 1.

On October 1, 2022 the red and orange payment slips will be replaced by the QR-bill.

Following this day, payments with the conventional payment slips will no longer be possible.

The development and market launch of QR-bill is a joint venture of the financial center, economy, state and consumer representatives. QR-bill makes an essential contribution to the progressing digitization of the Swiss payment traffic. It is of considerable significance for the whole national economy. Payment transactions support all national and international business transactions, and thus make a material contribution to Switzerland’s economic output. By the way: A completely digital payment experience is provided by eBill ― the digital invoice for Switzerland. With eBill, you receive and manage your invoices directly in e-banking. More information is available at